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Office Hours

Monday-Friday : 8am–5pm


Office Email & Phone

Main Phone: (303) 783-8844

Make/Reschedule Appointments: (303) 783-8844, option 1

Prescription Refill Fax/Fax: (303) 783-2002

Billing Questions: (866) 307-9702

Surgery Scheduling, Laura:  720-390-3375



Already a patient?

View our phone directory to find the easiest way to contact your provider and their medical team. Because nobody likes a phone tree, we encourage you to email us with your questions. Emails can be sent directly through your patient portal account.


Provider Phone

Dr. Paul Elliott / Medical Assistant: 303-783-7651

Dr. Peter Syre / Medical Assistant: 303-783-7654

Dr. Richard Kim / Medical Assistant: 720-390-3346

Dr. Colin Buchanan / Medical Assistant: 720-390-3336  

James H. Stephen MD, MSE / Medical Assistant: 720-390-3330