At CBSI we treat a broad spectrum of Neurological disorders such as Brain Tumors, Movement Disorders, Trigeminal Neuralgia and Traumatic Brain Injuries, and more. Our neurosurgeons are committed to using the most advanced technologies as well as proven therapies to treat even the most complicated neurosurgical cases.

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If you are suffering from a spinal injury, you know that it makes everyday activites much more difficult, if not impossible.  Our team at Colorado Brain and Spine Institute are here to help you get back to a place without the pain.

We are able to treat your conditions with surgical intervention, or if not necessary give you nonsurgical treatment options prior to taking that next step.

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Peripheral Nerve

Nerves are fragile and complicated, and are easily damaged. Once affected by trauma or injury, many turn to surgical intervention. If you think you may have a peripheral nerve injury, consult with our team of neurosurgeons. They will diagnose, and formulate a treatment plan to get you on the right path to recovery.

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